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April 11, 2011 / aztecjourney

Aztec Clothing

Clothing was a part in Aztec that made it that more interesting. Rich or poor one would always be wearing something a part of history. Most of Aztec clothing was loose fitting. Clothing was usually made from cotton (that was imported) or maybe Ayate fiber made from Maguey Cactus or Aloe. Women then, would hand weave clothing that would be expensive and hard to buy. The Aztecs were able to trade and make use of beautiful arrays of dyes also seen in Mexico, today.

Common village people and slaves sometimes covered very little of their bodies. It was a rule that Aztec slaves could not wear cotton or Maguey clothing. Slaves would most of the time wear just a simple loincloth, which was also sometimes worn by common men. Sometimes, if one could afford it, a man’s loincloth could be embroidered and/or have fringes on both ends. Men could also wear a triangular cloth known as a tilmatli or tilma. They used their cloths also for carrying things and as aprons. But, men also wore cloaks, tied at the neck and drooped down to their legs.

For village women, they would also wear cloths like long dresses, skirts and ponchos. Aztec women also wore elaborate pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces, beads, bracelets and rings but, only if they could buy or make them.

People in higher social classes could wear more expensive and elaborate pieces. Most of their clothing didn’t really stand out, it was their accessories that they cherished more. Noble men and women wore jewelry as symbols of their tribes and traditions. Gold, pendants, valuable feathers and furs were also used to decorate outfits. The wealthy also wore headdresses to represent their culture.

I even saw the soldiers and religious leaders wearing different things of their own. I’ve seen that they both wore furs to use for costumes that they traded or even killed. I also saw that some of the Empire people were wearing Aztec masks, which were used for rituals that represented various gods. Soldiers and warriors would also be covered in armor and weapons for battle. They even wore their headdresses as helmets and sometimes pieces of precious gold – you know, just to be safe.

Also many people had different, tattoos, hair styles and face paints to decorate their bodies. These represent important symbols of the Aztec culture.


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